S*** hot tracks right now

Color Film – 52 Minds
I honestly cannot get enough of Daryl Palumbo’s new project, and the fact that there is only two songs out at the moment is leaving me chomping at the bit – I can relate to that scene in Peep Show where Super Hans is tied to the hotel bed, gagging for more drugs (“Super Hans, are you trying to skin up with your feet again? Because it doesn't work, does it? It just makes a mess”). The echoing, synth-like, trickling guitars, repetitive drums, heavy and clear and a smooth, jolty bass line really ooze Gareth Jones’s mixing influence with a modern edge.

Chauncey (Cardboard City) – Slow Leak (featuring Keith Buckley)
This is a slow and dark track, with a freak dub-beat; the kind of music you’d make alone in your bedroom once downloading a music making program – this would be your first completed song. The only difference from yours to this is that Chauncey got Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die to sing on his, making this one Hell of an aggressive, experimental collaboration.

Emarosa – Broken vs. The Way We Were Born
I think half-in love with the artwork, and half-still impressed by the vocals Johnny Craig displayed back at Slam Dunk, I decided to give this album a proper go. I’m glad I did. I used to be a huge fan of Emarosa when their debut EP came out; Chris Roetter was a big influence on me – but when he left, and the band began to receive mainstream appeal and attention, I somewhat strayed. This track in particular impresses me: after the intro, there are several repetitive high-note bars; usually bands would begin an onslaught of noisy vocals for dramatic effect, creating a sense of urgency, and something big – but Craig, fully confident with his voice – literally sinks that riff into the ground into a slumber. The last thing you would honestly expect. Safe to say, I’m finally giving Emarosa (the record, at least) the attention it deserves.

Dustin Kensrue – Blanket of Ghosts
Stripped back and raw; country and calm; beautiful. I’ve rediscovered the former Thrice frontman’s first solo record and it’s helped me relax and unwind so much during these hazy and hot summer nights.

G.O.O.D Music – I Don’t Like (Remix)
This is a damn good dark hip-hop song; arrogant like all the rest but I’m a sucker for any and every wrestling reference going, so when this song opens with “That’s rare n****, Ric Flair n****, the power’s in my hair n****, I get it, beat the chair n****”, I’ll end up liking it no matter what, and you should too. It’s a popular song anyway, but this remix is fantastic. Furthermore, even with a little Google search, you can find all sorts of funny hidden meanings to this song. For example, a website called Rap Genius say: “Flair is acknowledged to be one of the greatest wrestling “heels” (villains) of all time, and his character is famously vain, especially about his hair, which is of course the same color [sic] as Pusha’s beloved cocaine”. Mm, drugs. The 'trendsetter' line also imitates Flair's popular catchphrase "Rolex wearin', diamond ring wearin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', limousine ridin', jet flyin' son of a gun" - something they all aspire to be.

But, if that's all too much for you, perhaps you can just look at this meme a friend of mine posted and have a little chuckle: click here.

Baauer - Harlem Shake (Cazzette Ultra Bootleg Remix)
It's quite funny how an old article of mine started receiving hit and hit after hit once 'Harlem Shake' went viral - obviously not a bad thing for anyone involved. I still find myself yearning to play the original track, as like a tip-of-the-hat to my former self, or to not let that fun spirit die; maybe even remind a soul or two of the song, but thankfully now, I have this track to follow straight after, and back up everything. Baauer publicised this remix on his Facebook and I was really impressed - it's dubstep at it's best; so finally something decent. Including hints and tweaks of the song, but adding a whole new layer, this will  really play a crucial role at your next manic house party; perfect Centurion background music.

The EA Sports FIFA ’13 iPhone soundtrack
Much to my girlfriend’s disapproval, I downloaded the game and haven’t looked up (let alone away) from my iPhone since.

Confide – Sooner or Later
Since when were Confide back? After a terrible re-release, honestly ruining a great debut, they brought out a second record, which I cannot even remember the name of off the top of my head – I gave it a few spins before deleting the lot. When Ross Kenyon joined Confide I was a massive fan (roughly the same time I got into Emarosa, etc.), but it just went tumbling (Tumblring, hah) downhill thereafter. Suddenly, I get hit in the face with this banger, back to their roots with a musical 2013 added touch; and I guess the rest is history… (God, that's such a bad line, sorry).

Jay –Z – Tom Ford
I will admit, besides the Linkin Park collaboration record, I’ve never really listed to anything Jay-Z has put out. I just over looked it. But after listening to ‘100$ Bill’, I figured I’d check out his new album, and I was not disappointed. I knew I wouldn’t be, but it was just seeing me take that time out to give him the time Jay-Z deserves.

Stray from the Path – Badge and a Bullet
You would think they were turning into Rage Against the Machine when they dropped ‘Landmines’ a few weeks back, following their recent RATM cover, and in a way, you would be right. They’re not mimicking Rage, but picking up where rage left off. Even with the song names and hidden messages embedded within their videos, it’s hard to deny that they’re now filling that much needed gap in the music market. I doubt they’ll get as big as Rage, or cover the same ground, but they’re trying, and that deserves all the respect in the world – keeping the fight alive.

I Can Make a Mess – Enola
Ace, you silver-tonged devil, you.

Counterparts – Decay
As a recommendation from Stray from the Path over Instagram, I thought ‘why not?’, and decided to check them out, having been dubbed ‘the most underrated band around right now’. ‘Decay’ is my favourite, alongside ‘Lost’, off their brand new release, third album The Difference Between Hell and Home.  I needed some new harder music in my life to spark things up, and this release certainly impressed me.

Kanye West – I Am a God
Christ, what a name. Having frustratingly lost the sincerity carried on his first two records, Ye is back endorsing the persona he is now attributed to: the bastard son of hip-hop; egotistical, dark, rough and ballsy. ‘I Am a God’ is probably my favourite from Yeezus, but for some light entertainment, why not check out this website and stop West from ‘getting into his zone’: click here.

Hmm, I might make another mixtape soon.

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