Announcement: Apologies, but I have taken it upon myself to shorten the time I spend on this column to posting an article once a month. Writing is a great passion of mine, and I adore music – I more so enjoy discussing music in depth and why it works, or makes me, or others, tick and having a crack at trying to explain or share with you readers fantastic and interesting thoughts that may strike my mind. But with that, comes time needed, and sadly time is something I just do not have.

To spare you of details, I write this in my spare time, but my spare time is few and far between; I don’t get paid to write, and I feel like writing this won’t really get me anywhere, noticed or of any recognition. I am swamped from nine to five by a job I utterly detest, and clocking off, I then face the real world. I do this for the fun of it (and quite possibly to help keep myself sane, hoping that someone will put up with my odd music tales – I’m like that old man, at the pub every night, who has adopted some decrepit nickname: Old Man Sheldrake). I feel like several of my past entries have sometimes been rushed due to time; I haven’t enjoyed writing them (which is the ultimate no-no) and I cannot stand the wording, for it all feels rushed (see Charles Bukowski’s grave) and forced out of me to lift the weight off my shoulders, be it the general writing or even the ideas of what I write about.

I want to have enough time to discuss something thoroughly and well; I want to be proud of what I write, and for that to happen, I need to shorten my work load. Like I said, writing is a passion, and I want it to stay that way. One doubts I will ever get a job out of it, so I need to ensure that whatever time I divulge into the art, I enjoy profusely and proudly. Since starting this column, I have had literally no time at all to write anything else, and not spend any time on my other projects (two novels, one compilation of poems and prose, and a notebook consisting of rambles, regurgitated The Smiths lyrics and lustful woe), which I really don’t like acknowledging.

I want my column to be good and worthwhile – I don’t want to be one of those websites that copy and paste sources from other websites that attain information first. To be those piss-poor Kerrang! and NME rip-offs that will say such-and-such has released a new song over on their official website, but not even talk about the song, and simply provide a link; tell me about it! Is it good? What is it like? Tell me anything! Challenge my Goddamn mind; do not bore me to death because you are too scared to talk. That’s it anyway, I’ve said my peace. I can't wait for this year to unfold, I have so much in store already that will see you guys getting caught shoftlifting.

Once again, I am sorry, but this is something I must do (he says as if someone cares, and this is a life changing decision like moving away from home to become a man).

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