Hello. My name is Gavin Sheldrake, and welcome to my blog, conveniently named Gavin Sheldrake.

The purpose of this blog is to  post a music column fortnightly expressing my thoughts, interests and general ramblings as if I were a big-time journalist - which, is my ultimate aim in life. I enjoy writing, and I thoroughly embrace music, so by combing the two, this blog is born in hope to be a small step towards my end goal. As said before, fortnightly; I intend to update this at the start of each month and then again mid-month, which to me seems like a reasonable space of time. Each entry will be different, as in topic, music genre and what I write about: Gig review, record review, or what I have been listening to, or looking forward to hearing and why; memories and vignettes, stories from the back of my brain or experiences I've shared; history about bands or songs that I know and can share, to general opinions on the music world.

A short introduction, sweet and to the point. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy reading as I enjoy writing.

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